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You can download the Press Release for our 2013 Festival below.

Download the PDF 2013 Festival Press Release

Bill Nemoyten on KRON TV

Board Group Photo

Members of the Board and Michael Wirgler enjoying the Festival

Bill was on Jan Wahl’s June 1, 2013 Saturday morning show on KRON TV4 in San Francisco. He was promoting the Golden Gate Park Band Festival. Here’s the clip:


Visit Bill Nemoyten’s website:  The Hornman

Download the Las Positas College News information sheet

Course on Circus Music at Las Positas College

The Friends of the Golden Gate Park Band was formed in 2006 to honor the enormous contributions of the Golden Gate Park Band and to encourage and support the patronage of the arts and live concert band music performances in Northern California.

A part of this mission, the Friends are working with Las Positas College in Livermore to offer a summer community education course on circus music.  Many younger people are unfamiliar with the type of music played historically by circus bands.  We are working with the College to provide their students and other interested persons with an opportunity to learn about and play such music and to perform with the Golden Gate Park Band in a Circus Concert at the Spreckels Temple of Music in Golden Gate Park.

Click here to download the information sheet about programs at Las Positas College in conjunction with the Friends of the Golden Gate Park Band.

Dates for the course are July 31 and August 7, 2010, all day at the College.  The circus concert will be on August 8 at 1:00 in Golden Gate Park.  There will be two or three clinics in conjunction with the rehearsals.  The circus concert will feature Adam Frey, well-known international euphonium soloist, on "The Old Brown Bear" and other circus favorites.  Adam Frey will also play as a soloist with the Golden Gate Park Band’s regular concert on Sunday,  August 1, 2010, concert.

For further information, contact or watch for further updates on our web site.

Adam Frey

Adam Frey
Euphonium Soloist


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