Stevan S Chandler

Stevan S Chandler, Treasurer

Stevan S ChandlerSteve Chandler is actively involved in music. He plays tuba in the College of San Mateo Symphonic Band, the Woodside Village Band, and Windjammers Unlimited Circus Music historical society.  He has been playing tuba since high school.  In addition, he conducts the Half Moon Bay Sit Down Marching Band which performs each year at the Half Moon Bay July 4th Parade and other venues. He was instrumental, along with his co-chairperson Henry Use, in putting on the Nor-Cal Spring Marching Band Review in San Mateo for 25 years. 

When not involved with music he earns his living as a Licensed Private Professional Fiduciary serving people who cannot take care of themselves.  His website is 

He enjoys photography, coffee roasting, and traveling in his motor home with his wife, Emily, and their Bichon Frises, Gioia.


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