David Schoenbrun

David SchoenbrunDavid Schoenbrun, Advisory Committee Member

David Schoenbrun is the President of the Bay Area’s Musicians Union  Local 6, American Federation of Musicians (AFM).  He works nationally  as an orchestra and theatre contract negotiator for the Symphonic  Services Division of the AFM.

Still an active musician, playing both string and electric bass, he  can be heard playing as a regular member of the Symphony Silicon  Valley, as well as with the San Francisco Opera Orchestra and in the pits of San Francisco and South Bay theatre companies.  He also enjoys playing as  a member of a local klezmer band and in various jazz venues.

David was a co-founder of the Theatre Musicians Association, a players’ conference within the AFM, and, in addition to the Friends of the GGPB, serves on the Boards of the California Theatrical  Federation, People in Plazas, and the California Conference of  Musicians.

He holds a Marriage & Family Counseling license.  David lives in San Mateo with his wife, and has two beautiful, overachieving daughters  who are off to college and beyond.


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