June 11, 2023 - 11 AM

Bay Area Friendship Band

Adrian L. Quince, Conductor

River Valley Overture Randall Standridge
Goin' for the Gold Bruce Broughton
Wanderlust Kristen Hirlinger
Rise of the Silver City Rossano Galante
Sailing Yukiko Nishimura
Echoes Erika Svanoe
Carnegie Anthem William Owens

The Bay Area Friendship Band returns to the Golden Gate Park Band Festival for its second year. Led by conductor Adrian L. Quince, our mission is to help community musicians connect with each other and gain exposure to new repertoire.

The Friendship Band is made up of musicians from throughout Northern California, including many from other bands participaring in the festival. Some of the musicians on stage are old friends, while others may have met for the very first time this morning.

Having gathered from many different places, we dedicate our program this morning to the joys of travel. This collection of all original works for band addresses where we go, how we get there, and how echoes of the past affect our travels. Finally, we end up in another temple of music: Carnegie Hall.

We hope you enjoy today’s performance.